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 Take a minute to remember your favorite teacher?   Remember how for some reason he/she had a certain magic at making difficult concepts simple.     These master teachers with superb craftsmanship were walking you through simple yet result oriented steps.     They knew how to make you successful and in like fashion, Pro Musician's Secret Handbook! will make you lightening fast at music theory.  

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"I am an honest straight forward person.  I can enthusiastically recommend your materials with no qualms or reservations. "Pro Musician's Secret Handbook! " is an excellent work.     It condenses about 6 months work to a matter of weeks......" Gene Woolly 

 First I'd like to let you know that your ideas in Pro Musician's Secret Handbook! are extremely helpful!.....Damian Rice 

May I thank you in advance for this wonderful book called Pro Musician's Secret Handbook! ......Mrs. Anna Wals 

 Thanks for your book, Pro Musician's Secret Handbook!......Mary Taylor 

 Thank-you for your ideas. I've just begun teaching and I found Pro Musician's Secret Handbook! extremely useful. Thanks......Sarah 

Your book just arrived. I have only briefly perused it as I wanted to let you know it arrived. Pro Musician's Secret Handbook! is a Godsend from what I have seen so far......GW 

At last....a book that simplifies the very basics of music that teachers have always said..."you have to learn to hear these things and it will take years to get it right" How wrong they were. Pro Musician's Secret Handbook! is a real "shot in the arm"....makes what I always thought was so difficult as "easy as pie". Thanks so much for your effort......   Wayne 

I have enjoyed your ideas. I am a piano teacher in the Phoenix area. I downloaded you fingering chart on major scales and the thumb chart. Thanks for Pro Musician's Secret Handbook! it's a great resource. I'll be back!.....Todd Hansen 

 I am happy I obtained Pro Musician's Secret Handbook! It is enabling me to progress from a technician (sight reader),   playing tunes written by someone else to artist arraigning my own music.   The instruction is concise. Just the meat of the subject, but all the meat of theory, and nothing but the theory.    Books of 200 pages or more contain less knowledge than "Music Theory Secrets"......Gene

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Still Not Convinced   

Pro Musicians Secret Handbook!   Answers These Questions & More.

1. Frankly, I've taken music theory classes before.   The instructors are boring and the material too complex. It's just too hard. 

2. I am familiar with music theory, but lack the ability and speed to use it very well. 

3. My teacher taught me about major scales and minor scales, but honestly I really don't get it. 

4. My friends seem to know much more about music concepts than I do, and I am sick of it! 

5. I learned one instrument, shouldn't it be easier to learn the second, what's the problem? 

6. All of my compositions and arrangements sound the same, what can I do to change this? 

7. I am embarrassed to admit that the reason that I don't teach music theory to my students, is because my teacher never taught me and I have not taken the time to learn. 

8. I just can't seem to memorize music as easily as others. 

9. I miss out on music conversations because I don't understand the terms. 

10. My music theory software would work great, if only I understood music theory. 

11. My playing lacks emotion and understanding, if only I understood music theory. 

Free Bonus!  Scales from around the world.

Get a free chart illustrating every cultural scale from around the world.   It will blow your friends, teachers and peers away and enliven your compositions! 

About the Author

Pro Musician's Secret Handbook!   is the concept of Carl Stoddard.    As a professional music educator teaching many students and music educators, he recognized a desperate lack of real methodology to teach people how to use music theory lightening fast.     Unfortunately, the available materials were either too simplistic or lacked real substance to develop a lightening fast foundation. 

Mr. Stoddard's first semester of music theory, was the first insight into this need.    Within 3 weeks the class, including several university professors, was down from 35 to 13 students.  Those that didn't have a the basic foundation or work their pants off, were gone.  Ironically, the university professors were among the first to go.  

Being a member of his local music club, he realized that he was one of the few teachers to brave teaching music theory.    Often asking the other teachers why they wouldn't teach music theory, they said that they didn't have time.  But probing deeper, the real answer was one of two things.    Either the teacher didn't know music theory and would not suffer the embarrassment of trying to teach it.  Or secondly, the teachers who had a solid foundation in music theory had no teaching approach for it. 

With Pro Musician's Secret Handbook! you will rejoice with renewed inspiration, amazement and excitement at the simplicity and power of the instruction.     As one great educator said, "the best teachers make the most difficult concepts simple."     Let Pro Musician's Secret Handbook! be your guide and teacher to lightening fast music theory! 

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The need was apparent and the challenge was made and after literally years of tireless experimentation and effort came Pro Musician's Secret Handbook!Risk nothing with our 30 day money back guarantee by Ordering Now! 

I love music, and I love sharing with others what I know about music. I know first hand the difference of being able to speak the language of music, rather than being the one person in the crowd that "nods" their head only pretending to understand. Perhaps your a budding professional, needing that extra edge to separate you from your competition. Or possibly a teacher, desperately looking for that "one thing" that one idea, that breaks down your student’s barriers and triggers and activates the mind to finally "get it!" 

What ever the reason that brought you here, I am confident that you'll benefit. I'm lucky. I've been very successful in training others, even as young as eight and as old as eighty-eight, and I am confident that the resources that I share with you will make you a better musician. Please review the materials that are presented with curiosity and interest. 

All the Best,  

Carl Stoddard